Technology can be found everywhere. Specifically, in the restaurant industry, technology has increased efficiency and brought costs down. However, not all restaurants are willing or able to integrate technology into their businesses. Some restaurants still prefer using pen and paper to organize their reservations while other restaurants are booking their dinner rush by 3 PM while using an online reservation system such as Yelp. Perhaps restaurants in the _ old-age _ see no value in technology because business is already going well.

The inspiration for this project came as my family and I stood in the freezing cold, waiting for our table - which was 90 minutes away. I would have called ahead or used an app to reserve a table, but this restaurant only had a clipboard. I wondered what would happen if the thousands of independent contractors, such as Uber drivers, could be utilized to place in-person reservations for another individual. Although few restaurants have clipboards, it is those restaurants that I discover to be the most sought out and busy.

With these ideas, SkipLine, a way to make an in-person reservation before you leave your house, was born.

What it does

"Regular users" are able to choose a restaurant and set a bounty for anyone to accept. The _ bounty hunters _complete the quest while sending confirmation to the user. After the reservation has been placed and confirmed, the bounty hunter is rewarded the bounty by the user.

Challenges we ran into

In order to bring our project to life, we decided that making a mobile app would be the best option, however, our laptops had conflicting operating systems. In order to develop in the iOS ecosystem, we settled on React Native Expo so that all of us could contribute code. Unfortunately, React Native is written in JavaScript, a language that we were unfamiliar with. We had to learn everything from the basic syntax of JavaScript, all the way to use it to implement Google Cloud APIs in under 36 hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Linking Firebase to our React Native App
  • Learning a new language and using that language to build a full-stack mobile application
  • Learning how to integrate new libraries, such as AirBnB's Lottie
  • Integrating Google Places API into our MapView

What I learned

  • Javascript
  • Google Cloud Places API (Place Details, Place Photos, Place AutoComplete)
  • React Native
  • AirBnb Lottie
  • Using Github with a team
Want to try it out?
  • Use the in our Github repo! Contact any of us if you have any questions!
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