Television viewers are forced to watch non-targeted commercials every day, commercials of no interest to them. What if we could skip these ads ?

As clear as it sounds, SkipAds is a solution that allows television viewers to skip commercials when ever there is a commercial and choose what to watch instead (News headlines, Received Emails or targeted commercials that could interest them.

Our goal is to give television viewers the control over the content they watch by redesigning the TV advertising experience.

Our solution is being built by a fanstastic team of passionate engineers  

The biggest challenge was developing everything in such a short time. Video analysis is a delicate and complex subject that takes time and effort to achieve. Hopefully the outcome will be groundbreaking :)

We are proud of the support of the people who no longer want to watch deceptive advertising.

We would like to continue improving this tool until it perfectly suits our audience.

Stay tuned and get ready for the new experience !

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