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What is Skip the Waiters?

A web app for contactless queueing, ordering, and checkout when dine-in in restaurants.


  • Square API Integration
    • Payments API
    • Order API
    • Customers API
  • Firebase API integration
    • User Authentication
    • Database
  • Deployment
    • Heroku and AWS

Project Goals

  1. Alleviate some responsibilities (taking orders and payment) from the staff
    • Help James keep the restaurant running with limited staff
    • James’ restaurant can operate with less staff at a time
  2. Minimize contact between guests
    • Avoid having crowded in-person line ups with a virtual line-up
    • Allow guests to let the staff know which dishes to share to make dining-in more time efficient
  3. Minimize contact between James’ staff and guests
    • Allow customers to have order ready while on virtual line-up
    • Contactless ordering and payment system for restaurant guests
    • Allow staff to send customers a default reminder to follow health and safety guidelines
  4. Retain the social aspect of dining out
    • Allow staff to send customers custom messages
    • Allow customers to dine in with minimum hassle, maximum time efficiency
  5. Retain customer information for contact tracing
    • Save customer information along with order information for easier contact tracing if needed


  • instructions attached in image gallery
    • You can use either QR Code
    • If you choose to use the QR code 1 (for if you're not in the restaurant yet), when prompted to enter table id, you can use a table number (i.e. "2")
  • You can register upon checkout with any fake email that doesn't exist yet in our user database.
  • Test values from Square:https: //
  • Admin page url: /Admin
    • send messages to rooms
    • remove a customer group from the virtual line (i.e. when they got a table already)
  • Clicking exit (top right button in menu page) should reset your session if you need to test with a new cart

What's next for Skip the Waiters

  1. Further minimize interactions with staff
    • Also let customers message staff through the web app
  2. Add features to help build back customer confidence in dining in
    • Add loyalty and in app perks with Square’s Loyalty API
  3. More sophisticated cart sharing features
    • Leveraging Square’s Order API to create split bills based on each guests’ orders
    • Allow liking menu items for more efficient ordering
  4. Provide better user experience
    • Ability to share rooms via chat or link
    • Automatically create a room when joining app from the same table
    • Leverage Square’s API to categorize items and provide customizations
    • Stricter form validations
  5. More features and security on the Admin page of the app
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