Having visited local walk-in clinics with long waiting periods and the possibility of not meeting the doctor if it was nearing closing time, we felt that there could certainly be a better way. Today, we find increasing wait times and line-ups for many popular amenities such as restaurants, oil changes, government offices and the like.

From these observations we thought that the best way to handle this problem was to incorporate technology to essentially eliminate the need for physically being present for most of the wait. This would allow people to save time and be more productive, while being in line as well. Our target users could be busy students, working professionals and even the youth - essentially everyone who is looking for some more time in their busy lives.

Our key feature as of now is the ability to easily find nearby clinics after registering with your profile, and then viewing basic information to help you decide which has the least wait. After that, a user would be able to add themselves to the queue and get an idea of when to actually be at the location by.

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