Holidays and vacations lie around the same time for most people, and this creates an unwanted problem, CROWD. The holiday destinations are too crowded during that time. What if there's a way to have a better holiday experience by traveling to a less crowded destination and beating the crowd to a more fulfilling experience.

SKIP THE CROWD application, which is powered by Amadeus' API lets you do just that.

Link to Amadeus Developers app: CLICK HERE

What it does

The application uses Amadeus' travel APIs to search for optimal holiday destinations with less crowd.

How I built it

The base app is built using React.js which is used to collect user queries and process it to send an API query. It then waits for the response which contains the results which are then processed to display it in the results bar for the user.

I used a few of the Amadeus' travel APIs to make an algorithm which computes a series of destinations which optimizes for less crowd by taking into factors like cost, crowd, demand, etc.

Challenges I ran into

Optimizing the search results to enable better results for the user. Correctly displaying the search results by passing the props to the child react components.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Incorporating the Amadeus API to create a solution with the potential to benefit millions. A combination of APIs was used to weigh in on the search results.

What I learned

  1. Intricate details on how APIs can be efficiently called to solve a task.
  2. Working with asynchronous functions in conjunction with APIs in a node environment.
  3. Using react display different components, like the search bar, results section, logos, etc.
  4. Rapid prototyping of applications based on modern Javascript frameworks.

What's next for Skip the Crowd

The solution is still very basic at the moment and can be further developed to give better search results. The UI is also very basic at the moment and can be made more intuitive to interact with. The functionality of the site is also limited to a particular use case and can be expanded to offer a broader set of options.

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