We’re keen to make public transport appeal to Auckland by bringing joy and ease into journeys.

Timetables and schedules can be complex. We're inspired by the beauty and treasures in our city and want to make exploring and travelling though Auckland both natural and spontaneous.

Skip is a native mobile experience that is:


Use your time for what you really want to be doing. Skip gives you back your time by telling you when your bus train or ferry is due to arrive, even before you have left home.


Bringing in recommendations for great cafes, food, public spaces and services within actual walking distance. Skip keeps up with changing plans and helps you explore the city.


Skip’s intuitive dashboard takes the work out of planning a journey. No fuss, fewer buttons and less typing between A and B.


Skip is aware of whether you’re at home, at a bus stop or on the go and will beautifully adapt to show you the relevant information for your leg of the journey.

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