We have been inspired by cryptopunks.

What it does

Enables any Ethereum staker to prove he is a staker (32 eth commited in the beaconchain) and to attend or to arrange meetings with other stakers.

How we built it

We have used nocode tools like Web3 libraries like web3.js. API services like API.

Challenges we ran into

To be a staker should be something aspirational, like to be an influencer or a football player. To achive this goal, we have created a social network for stakers, in order to value their work in the society.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To contribute to the community by creating applications without needing to code. In this way, we prove that everyone is able to contribute. To create something is not just about to code as the attitude.

What we learned

It is possible to create web3 applications without code. We should share this learning with as much people as possible.

What's next for Skin in the game club

We want to create a hall of fame. This could identify yourself as an staker to receive airdrops, investment opportunities, and so much more!

Built With

  • web3.js
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