We designed a brand-new approach to ID-verification, based on Skills and Contribution, rather than personal data. This way, in order to earn, contribute and participate, people won't need for passports, résumés or bank accounts ever again.

What it does

It provides an universal, self-sovereign Identity as an NFT. In order to receive it and activate individuals need to be member of a Community. By being part of a Community, they can participate Gigs/Tasks/Projects, that in return provide them Credits (DITO), that they can spend across the whole network, partners included. Once an individual member's skills are validated (through Gigs), they will be able to spend their Credits, create new tasks/projects, and move to a different Community seamlessly, without losing the Credits & the reputation earned.

How I built it

  • Upgradable, composable ERC721 contracts.
  • Chainlink decentralized oracles to verify identities, gigs and off-chain/on-chain computation.
  • SkillWallet Subgraph (TheGraph) to "map" all existing SW Identities & Partners in the network.
  • Polygon for L2 scalability.
  • RSK as a gateway to the Bitcoin DeFi community.


  • Javascript, NodeJS, and Textile for the Backend. Kotlin for the Native Android App.

Built With

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