Is your education hampered from the pandemic situation of COVID-19?

We are a group of Northeastern University students from India, that designed an mobile application to make education more fun and interactive.During this pandemic situation,the world is going through a tough time in each sector and one of them is education,where the students from the developing countries are affected the most.

Drawing from our personal experience carrying from India, we know there are lot of remote places in India,Africa,Nepal and other developing countries who still face issues with electricity supplies and constant high-speed internet connectivity.

We always had a desire to contribute back to this developing nations where online education(e-learning) platform can be made easily accessible in low bandwidth network connection as well,without hampering time the students spend at home.

To pave out how and continue your studies and make it more interactive and gamified for mind-refreshment, we have SkillUp app for free of charge e-learning courses, you name it and that we have it to form the education hurdle-less.

SkillUp knowledge sharing platform provides reports supported content and users, helping to spot the requirements of your training system.

Key/Important Features:

  1. WhatsApp Integration Quickly pull content on your mobile if you run through the limited Internet facility.Permission controls allow you to control which users can view your skills and learn along with you.
  2. Gamification Up-voting features encourage students to participate and involve with the community.Play games in between to make the sessions more interactive and mind-refresher.
  3. Secure SkillUp uses extremely secure cloud infrastructure to ensure the material you upload/download is secure and kept confidential.
  4. COVID-19 Learning Want to know more about the stats about the COVID-19 cases in your County, State on one-click on mobile application.
  5. User Friendly The simple and clean interface ensures that the platform is easy-to-use and intuitive.Create a group and start learning virtually together.
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