Learning something new is a daunting task, especially since it's not always clear where to start and what path to take. Skilltree tackles this problem and personalizes your learning path based on what you already know.

What it does

Skilltree creates a personalized roadmap for your educational needs and curates resources for you! Input a topic you want to master and any relevant knowledge you already have. Skilltree will generate a path to mastery of the topic in the form of a visual flowchart of subtopics, where each subtopic has a curated list of resources from the internet.

How we built it

We use GPT-4 to create a learning path and link the topics together, Metaphor to curate resources from the internet to learn more about a topic, Python to write all backend code, and React & TypeScript for all frontend code.

Challenges we ran into

Rendering Bezier curves for the graphical user interface... who knew it would be this difficult to have curves???

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Skilltree produces incredibly detailed and informed roadmaps for the user and is able to design a curriculum logically. It communicates the relationship between different topics better than regular textbooks. It even recognized the incompatibility between Platonism and Structuralism when prompted with philosophy! Hopefully, we've made diving deep into niche topics more accessible for everyone.

What we learned

We learned how to draw Bezier curves.

What's next for Skilltree

In the next few days/weeks, we'd like to polish and launch it. Right after we'd like to improve performance, add support for more personalized content using the curated resources, support for plugins like Replit or WolframAlpha within the application, and the ability to ask any question to a more informed chatbot.

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