Why did we make this? As first time hackers, we wanted to create something that helped people struggling to make ends meet, and allow people who might have been better off an opportunity to support their community through ways other than just monetary donations.

SkillSwap is the child of that dream and we’re really proud of what we accomplished here!

We truly believe that together, we’re stronger.

What it does

Specialization of labor: People can barter/offer their services to the community in exchange for other services they’re not great at or don’t enjoy (e.g. a home repair guy offers to fix something for a week’s worth of home cooked meals by a chef or a programmer to make him a simple website) "Division of labor is essential to economic progress because it allows people to specialize in particular tasks. This specialization makes workers more efficient, which reduces the total cost of producing goods or providing a service.

How We built it

The front-end was deployed to vercel and google cloud and the back-end server along the database was deployed with heroku.

Our team first started on the front-end using React framework with CSS to style it up, creating the client-side application. Within the client-side we made API service objects to connect to a backend server using Express.JS framework.

That backend server was created from scratch to have protected API endpoints. Those endpoints are protected using JSON web tokens.

Within the backend server, we used postgrator to handle the database migration, creating the database with postgresql.

Dbeaver was used to check the database schema. The actual database schema was designed in Microsoft Visio.

During the production of the backend server, postman was used to test the API calls to each endpoint.

Challenges we ran into

Getting it fully deployed to the web. There were many obstacles to overcome!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating the frontend, backend, api, and database from scratch!

What We learned

What we learned is that teamwork and communication is very important. Having clearly defined roles and goals ensure that the development process goes as smooth as possible. In terms of new technology, the google cloud platform was learned rapidly in order to have another vector of deployment for the front end.

What's next for SkillSwap

Adding the ability to trade items, increasing functionality for location, finishing the IOS beta App and start working on the Android App. Here's a link to a mobile concept:

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