Inspiration : Unemployment of many skilled rural artisans.

What it does : provides a platform for connecting the rural artisans with contractors for any skilled work provided by these artisans. Our platform will have two direct users, the government centers in rural areas and the contractors. The artisans will approach these government centers to set u an account using their voter id as unique identity. The contractors will be able to filter the artisans for the required skill set and send an order for any of the selected artisan(s). The artist would receive an SMS on the mobile number registered directing him/her to approach the respective government center to either accept or decline the order. If accepted, the order would be confirmed and order would be handed over to the artist.

On the completion of the order, it would be sent to the contractor and money would be transferred to the artist which would then be collectible from the government center. SMS of the amount transferred would be sent to the artist's mobile number. The artist would have an android app for them and could check for its past and current orders in it and also its profile information.

How I built it : using several technologies like android studio, Exotel API for sending SMS. Material design for website and android app

Challenges I ran into : being a novice in android application development it was a problem incorporating the material design and none of the three being good UX/UI designer.

Adding filter functionality in the website was also a challenging feature.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of : material design in android app

What I learned : android application development

What's next for Skills Mart :

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