Whether you want to run your own company or snag the corner office at your current job, you probably have an end-goal for your career. But do you really know what you need to do to get there?

You are unlikely to start charting a course, unless and until you know the destination. The first and foremost step in your career plan is to create a detailed vision statement comprising different positions or things that you wish to achieve at various points in the coming years.

What it does

SkillRoad is a career advisor platform that allows our users to be ready for their next career level. It is your guide to finding the appropriate career path for you.

SkillRoad parses our users' skills. Then, it recommends different roadmaps for the next career level based on their skills. Finally, we provide our users with suitable courses to achieve their goals.

At SkillRoad we use Artificial Intelligence to analyze your actual skillset and find an enhanced career path appropriate for you! Feel free to take a look at our interactive Home page, where you can get a trial of our services.

How we built it

Our website has advanced machine learning and AI algorithms to make sure that you 'll identify the gap between your skills and market needs, and it works as follow:

  • When the user uploads his/her CV the first model parses their skills and previous experiences via NLP techniques.
  • The second model predicts the relevant skills and careers by using word2vec.
  • With this new skill set, we predict the next career level and show it to users.

we use python for creating the ML models and javascript for the website. Then we integrated all these things with flask and react. Also, we used bootstrap for the themes.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we faced was that the team worked together remotely, spread over four different time zones. Moreover, it was difficult to:

  • Create a complete Machine learning web application using React and Flask.
  • Developing the application workflow to be fully automated.
  • Dealing with different APIs and data types.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our second time as a team and we have succeeded again to create a prototype during the Hackathon. Also, our model has been deployed as a real-life project.

What we learned

  • Deploy Flask with React.
  • Flask.
  • Teamwork
  • Deploy ML model on Google cloud

What's next for SkillRoad

SkillRoad will help anybody who is looking for a new job in their field, looking for improving their actual and future skills, and looking to get acquainted to some ideas that they may not have known before. Furthermore, it would display recommend courses, useful material, and open-source projects perfect for strengthening your skills.

To continue our project we will look for people in that field that if our users have any questions they can reach out to get any answers that they desire. We hope that SkillRoad will help to improve our skillset and know our right job path.

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