A great mentor can be instrumental for us to grow as a person in life. A mentor can be anyone, someone giving us career advice, or someone helping us learn to cook the most delicious meal we have ever eaten. We often interact with people and talk about our skills, or how they could help us learn new skills. Although we are living in a digitized world, a certain knack can only be discovered via personal interactions. Most of us learn more from real mentors as compared to online videos. Especially for students, stay at home parents and elderly people, we believe that a real-life mentor would be far more impactful. Many times it is difficult to register for online or group courses because they are extremely costly and require long term commitment, while we might just need a few hours of mentoring in order to acquire a new skill. With this in mind, we have created an application to help people connect and learn from each other and thus grow as a society, without the financial and logistic barriers. Google democratized information, we wish to democratize skills.

What it does

A centralized platform where users connect and network with talented people & skill teachers in the local community. The application enables a user to indicate interests, connect with the right people in the locality and receive personalized training from talented people as well as share their skills with others. It is different from other platforms as most of them lack the personal connection and specificity, are mostly career focused, or oriented towards learning technology and fail to establish personal connections. Our platform also rewards the mentors in credits, which can then be used to schedule a session as a mentee. Thus, user retention is maintained via a continuous sharing of knowledge and skills. The user is always informed of their progress and activity on the platform with the help of lucid data visualizations.

How we built it

We have built our application using React and Firebase. We have used Nivo for data visualization. Firebase has also been used for hosting the application and user authentication.

Challenges we ran into

Being newbies in full-stack development, initially, designing and stitching things together was the challenge. As we progressed we faced gradual impediments and questions that led to some more iterations than expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the impact the application can have on society. With SkillEd, we present before you a platform, which brings a personal touch to knowledge sharing in this world where everyone is desperately looking into a black mirror. We believe that easier access to education and knowledge sharing is important for any society to thrive. With our application, we strive to bring technology to education and mentorship for a better future.

What we learned

We learned a lot of things while building this app:

  1. Web app development
  2. Hosting web apps
  3. Front and Back end development
  4. And definitely Karate!

What's next for SkillEd

Our goal is to break down obstacles to non-traditional skills-based education, reinvigorate traditional educational platforms by promoting skill diversification and support mentorship and networking between community members. The journey doesn't end here. We aim to take SkillEd to another level and make it running in production. There are a bunch of things that we would like to focus on.

  • Develop a system in which users can transact with SkillEd credits
  • Integration with GeoSpatial API to discover local mentors/mentees easily
  • Intelligent mentor discovery with machine learning
  • Recommendation system for skills, venues, and people
  • Android and iOS applications
  • Integration with Google calendar
  • Recommend resources (Amazon marketplace)
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