I am working as COVID-ICU Nurse in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Ireland. I have seen massive staff redeployment from existing wards and outside the hospital. We are also introduced you to plethora of medical devices to face the surge. The ICU beds have been increased and the required medical devices for each bed spaces has been matched up as well. Working as a senior nurse in the ICU for 15 years, I am responsible to manage all the new and redeployed staff. Patient safety and staff confidence levels to nurse critical patients is at stake in these type of environment. We are bombarded with information overload on daily patient care. New medical devices are introduced left and right. We are struggling to keep upto date with them and finding it hard to have full confidence in operating them safely on patients. Training materials that comes with these devices are paper based and hard to access in quick time. Layout of the ICU's makes it further difficult to access training contents.

What it does

With my IT background and Masters in Health Informatics, I have developed a platform called Skillcord which provides point of care training for healthcare workers at the bedside. Medical device manufacturers can upload training related content into Skillcord, generate QR codes of the contents and attach the QR code stickers onto the devices. Healthcare workers can scan the QR code with a tablet or their smartphones and access the contents and confidently operate and troubleshoot the medical devices.

How we built it

I have a team of developers who built the platform. We also work with Nimbus Research Centre, Cork Institute of Technology.

Challenges we ran into

Getting access to biomedical engineers in these busy time. Getting anaesthetic consultants on board.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Feedback from demo's to staff at frontline has been very encouraging and validates the need for the product. Fully functional product is alive and major teaching hospital as agreed to pilot the same solution.

What we learned

Getting access to key decision makers is very difficult.

What's next for Skillcord i360: Point of Care Training Solutions

Trying to partner with major medical device manufacturers. Working as a partner with Nimbus Research Centre for a research application.

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