With the changing economy and the job landscapes, its getting easier to move across various skills , The gap is lower. Each job skills can be broken down by competencies , by their importance and level. We can use such characterstics to find closer job profile. this can help both employers and employees. For employers it opens a bigger job group when they are hiring For employees they can look for adjacent job titles

What it does

It helps find matchin job titles. helps you find what skills you might need, and picks up popular repositories and Q/A from stack over flow to move through the skills

How we built it

using flask and messenger bot , built the webapp using django

Challenges we ran into

Finding correlation between skills wasn't easy, Getting data and finding useful features was interesting and challenging. Building a intereface and tying all functionalities to make a useful solutin was also important.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

various features of messenger, found very useful data and this solution itself provided me with a lot of insight about job competencies

What's next for Skill Skillet

If it gets traction, we will enable it to be more self powerful, and smarter by pulling and creating useful github learning resources. We will try to add a learning track.

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