Inspiration Mixed reality is a newer field of the virtual reality-related medium. If you already had a virtual reality environment, this game could be an application within that environment. This project is contributing to a very new idea and is changing the way we experience entertainment. A simple action for your physical body, such as throwing a dart, can have a new joy when experiencing it in your virtual body.

What It Does Every dart thrown acts in the style typical to the tower defense genre. After they are thrown, they become defensive assets that deliver damage to incoming enemies. Every successful throw onto the board creates a turret, or defensive tower that shoots at the waves of approaching bugs.

How We Built It

  • Skill shot was developed in the Unity Engine
  • Scripts and concepts to handle the MR environment were provided by the Virtual Reality Tool Kit (VRTK)
  • Some scripts and assets were pulled from Tower Defense Template
  • Models were created using Anyland: building piece by piece, stretching and manipulating from VR “clay”

Proud Achievements

  • This was our very first game for most of our team!

Our Challenges

  • Incorporating the Virtual Reality Toolkit
  • Packages with conflicting versions
  • Adapting scripts from the Tower Defense Template and creating new scripts to handle new assets and objects
  • Working within the same workspace and handling different versions of Unity

What we learned

  • Unity basics: materials, objects, scripts, cloud collaboration
  • Project management
  • Using Anyland to develop models
  • Managing expectations for the scope of our project

Future Development

  • Adding more spawn points so that bugs come from all sides of that board, making a more challenging game
  • Creating a “hive mind” difficulty where future bugs avoid paths that previous bugs took when they died, just like how they behave in nature with chemical pheromones
  • Implementing our boss, which would be a snake taking a spiral path to the center
  • Incorporating a helper AI to analyze dart throws and offer tips/advice to help the player

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