Many times when we submit out resumes to an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) parser, it returns inaccurate data. In many occasions many applicants are rejected by the machine because either the parser incorrectly formatted the data or the resume lacks specific keywords. To address this issue, we wanted to create a platform that allows recruiters to get a comprehensive overview of every applicants’ skills, work experience, and achievements.

What it does is an all-in-one platform that accelerates talent development and acquisition by allowing the applicants to practice their skills while making it easier for recruiters to verify their skills. Recruiters post their projects with specific requirements and a deadline for the applicants. Applicants will show off their skills and complete the projects and receive a qualitative score from the recruiters to display on their platform resume. The community could also rate the projects after the deadline of the project has passed.

Our platform offers four key features:

  • Standardized resume
  • Real world assessments
  • Quantifiable skill sets
  • Direct recruitment

How we built it

We both come with a development background in web designing but have opted to use Figma, a front end interface and prototyping software. In Figma, we first developed a wireframe, a layout foundation, for all our web pages and picked the most influential web pages to develop first. We learned to use components and different web design techniques throughout the project.

Challenges we ran into

Due to our first time being in a hackathon, we were unaware of the lack of time given by the deadline. We spent too much time working with wireframing our prototype on Figma and planned out 5 pages initially for the proto type. We ended up only completing three, while expanding the landing page. We also improvised the layout as we went on with the project. Since we both come from Computer Science background it was difficult becoming accustomed to Figma’s UI and not having to code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We hope to launch this prototype as an application to help recent college graduates and people seeking an entry position find a job easier and faster, while also helping them learn in the process. This process will not only save recruiters more time but also make the job search less tedious.

What we learned

We both come from a developer background so we’re more accustomed to coding rather than designing. For this hackathon, we wanted to create something fun, creative, and impactful. We’re relatively new to Figma and learned how to create responsive components, custom color palettes, and apply modern web development techniques. We also had to apply our project management skills to create a minimum viable product in under 2 days.

What's next for

We did not have enough time to prototype all web pages wanted to, but we did make a wireframe for the dashboard pages for both recruiters and applicants, along with a sign-up page for applicants. After prototyping, we would like to move the application into the development stage. We hope to use the MERN stack to transform this prototype into a full-stack application.

Built With

  • adobe
  • figma
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