52% of talent acquisition leaders say that the most difficult part of their job is to shortlist the right candidate. We were inspired to come up with a AI video bot that can do it for recruiters and here we are.

What it does

Lucy - AI recruiter from Skil will help to recruit faster and better qualified candidates. Lucy - AI video bot will do a full-length video/audio interview using STAR, Narrative, Technical methods and sends a detailed score report to the company which helps them to pick best resources in less than 90% time taken today.

How I built it

We used AWS Polly, AWS S3, AWS Transcribe to build this huge software which helps to build career on a technical platform and help in technical specialty and much more.

Challenges I ran into

The video frames and audio were a great challenge. It took a lot of effort to get video frames and the audio and have the background analytics was a great achievement. There is no direct AWS transcribe pod available for iOS, ended up creating the Lambda function triggered by a S3 PUT object call.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I have extracted both the video frames and the audio. So, that we can run background analytics on it to make the decision easier for recruiters. It makes it easy for the recruiters to decide with a single glance.

What I learned

Learned about the intricate details that are involved in coming up with an app that involves not only a good UI. But, a great voice interface assistant.

What's next for

The journey just started and would like to take it further and revolutionize the way we recruit people using our Lucy. Planning to polish the demo and launch my App services to recruiters and help them to screen and recruit faster.

All assets are kept at ->!AmTBanHfYcmQhxQXg_iHkVxQ7B8C for review.

Was planning to include a summary of the entire video and audio analysis and couldn't get enough time to spend, since I ran into lot of issues and tried multiple ways to capture the audio/video frames for processing. My apologies for not able to submit the way I really wanted. All screen shows name as Davo - please ignore that - that was my project code name :-)

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