Containers are excellent for segregating services running on a system into easier to manage and replicate units.

-Long, complex, and frequently confusing documentation -Restrictive customization after container creation -Difficult to add ports -Hard to change or add volumes -Cannot make container privileged after creation

What it does

SkiffUI provides the first easy to use, Drag-and-Drop user interface for modifying, or networking containers after creation. SkiffUI currently supports only Docker but could easily be expanded to interact with Docker Swarms and Kubernetes clusters later on.

How we built it

SkiffUI interacts with docker by converting graphical node data into commands for your container service, these commands are then executed as root on the host. It uses Python, React, Bash, JS

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Interactive and resource efficient UI

What we learned

Team management, and collaboration, Usage of NPM and Node JS, Docker container config editing. 101 ways not to make a web app.

What's next for Skiff

Integration with Kubernetes Integration with Docker Swarm GUI based container generator (drag software into container from a toolbox to generate a docker image) Remote system connection via SSH

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