Work smarter and faster with Skiblz Cam. Skiblz Cam lets you create video enhanced JIRA issues without ever leaving your browser.

Be Clear With Skiblz Cam you don’t need to learn developer speak. Recorded video shows exactly what went wrong.

No User Manual Required Skiblz Cam is easy to use. With just a few clicks Skiblz Cam records video and creates JIRA issues in a snap. We will quickly become your favorite way of creating JIRA issues.

Not Just For Testers See an issue? Record it right away! We’re so easy to use and setup, any member of the team can create a useful bug. You can also use Skiblz Cam to record HTML mockups, to quickly prototype and communicate how new components work.

Better Video Recording Skiblz Cam is not like other screen recorders you may have used. Instead of recording the entire desktop, Skiblz Cam only records the contents of your open browser tab. This provides a clear view of what’s happening, without having to show everyone how messy your desktop is.

Bring on the GIFs Skiblz Cam records video as an animated GIF, an old format that’s enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to its ease of use and portability. Unlike most video formats, animated GIFs can be viewed directly in your browser without any extra software to install. Animated gifs can even be directly embedded in email.

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