Skewer offers a glimpse at how the sales lifecycle will work in an age where connectivity is ubiquitous and technology empowers easy and targeted interaction.

Its philosophy is that pitching your products and services to potential customers should not be difficult. It’s about getting your point across from your phone, tablet or desktop from anywhere in the world. In less than 30 seconds. Complete with custom branding, curated assets and tracked interactions. That's Skewer.

Website analytics and mass email campaigns excel at gathering data about your market in bulk, but why must we be worse informed about the deal we are trying to close? Skewer bridges this gap.

Here’s how it works: pick an Opportunity, arrange a bespoke page that looks beautiful on any device and share the short link via Twitter or email. Skewer works to follow up on those leads -- and fast.

Marketing can steer sales to the latest content, updating it once and keeping everybody updated. And as Skewer is used the intelligence gathered shows which marketing materials close which deals giving your team the feedback loop they need.

Align your sales teams to marketing’s vision Make sure everyone has same content and is always up to date React to what is working and what isn’t in real time with useful feedback Continue to offer sales the tools they need to be creative without restrictions

Skewer was built on Salesforce, and Heroku, with GoInstant keeping everything live and in-sync. Try it and see how you can further become a customer company.

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