A collaborative party game that mixes elements of telephone and pictionary.

The game starts with Player 1 writing down a well-known phrase or person and passing it on. Player 2 sees Player 1's phrase, and must translate it into a drawing. From there, each additional player must translate the preceding phrase/drawing back into a drawing/phrase – all while only seeing the last drawing/phrase. The game ends when each player has gone once, at which time all players see the entire phrase/drawing chain.

Heroku link:


  • facebook connect/login
  • canvas for both phrases and drawings
  • canvas alternates between phrases and drawings
  • 1 game logged under 1 user with multiple players
  • interstititial between turns
  • twilio for sharing
  • responsively built for screen size
  • canvas pixel size depends on screen size as well

Site Flow:

  • (login) user logs in
  • (welcome) user can read 'how to play', select number of players, and start a new game
  • (game) player 1 writes a phrase
  • (game) player 2 draws player 1's phrase
  • (game) player 3 writes player 2's drawing
  • (game) player 4 draws player 3's phrase ...
  • (result) all players have played, entire chain is viewable, and shareable via fb or twilio

ERD: Our database setup

API's used: facebook our own?


  • a user can play multiple games
  • multiple users can sign in and play a game in NOT real-time
  • shotgun start in each game (each player starts their own phrase/drawing chains)


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