Video overview of the camera effect and my thoughts behind creating it.


I wanted to bring my doodles and sketches to life through augmented reality. I wanted my work to burst from the pages of my sketchbook and into the real world. I wanted to try a new presentation and viewing experience of my artworks.

What it does

It's an augmented reality camera effect that allows the viewers to enter a portal. The portal invites the viewers to go inside my sketchbook and interact with my doodles up close.

How I built it

My doodles were drawn using the app ProCreate on an iPad Pro. I transferred my doodles on the computer and edited them in Photoshop. I created the 3D objects with Blender3D. All the assets were imported in SparkAR where I built the augmented reality experience.

Challenges I ran into

I wanted to add more doodles, more animations and make the sketchbook world bigger. Getting the file sizes down while having a smooth, seamless experience was a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first world AR effect. I've made face effects before. I'm so proud that the world effect worked out close as I imagined it to be.

What I learned

I learned how to work with an occluder material. The sketchook looked small, but users can enter it and the world inside is big. The occluder material made this possible and I had fun learning how to manipulate and use it.

What's next for Sketchbook Portal

I want to push the boundaries of the interior world in which the portal opens to. I want to see how big in can get, maybe adding more layers and interaction inside.

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