Sketch2Graph is an educational math app. Use it to learn more about the relationship between the graphical and algebraic representation of math expressions. In most graphing apps you provide a math expression and get a graph. With Sketch2Graph it is the opposite-- you draw a graph and get back math that represents what you drew.

Pan and zoom the graph to get the view you want. Manipulate control points to move a plot and see its algebraic expression update in real-time. Click on algebraic expressions to toggle its form (e.g., vertex-form or standard form).

Lines, parabolas, and ellipses supported in this release.

Example uses:

  1. Discover the equation for a line that passes through two points by drawing the line.
  2. Discover the equation for an ellipse by drawing the ellipse.
  3. Learn about the difference between the standard and vertex form of a parabola equation by drawing a parabola and then clicking on the math to toggle between the two representations.
  4. Learn how the shape and position of an ellipse relates to its algebraic form. Draw an ellipse and then manipule its control points. Which control point changes the x-radius of the ellipse and how does the equation change? Which control point changes the y-radius of the ellipse and how does the equation change? Finally, which control point changes the position of the center of the ellipse and how does the equation change?

Explore on your own and share with your classmates and teachers. There are many lessons to learn from this app!

NOTE: Sketch2Graph can be found as an iPad app in the app store here:

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