Hardware is often difficult to test or experiment with if you don't have the proper equipment, as we once experienced. By allowing users to run code without needing the hardware, we eliminate the barrier that often prevents students from exploring a new sector of technology.

There once was a chungus-like guy Who's salt concentration was high He lived in a house His name was not gauss It was brick fly fly pizza pie ~ D Chu

While at first, this poem seems like a classic copy-pasta, with a little analysis, it clearly outlines an issue holding people back on hardware development. The second line talking about the salt concentration of the guy really shows the salinity because salt is typically used to defeat evil spirits. With the emergence of evil spirits, the remainder of the poem outlines the chungus-like guys battle against these evil demons. However, as the next line states, he lived in a house. A house represents shelter and its where he lives, which while seemingly may just be a house, it can easily be interpreted as his own body, because he is living in it!11 His battle against his own inner demons, jealousy, spite, shitpost. But between all of these demons, the largest issue he has is his inability to get hardware, because he says he was not Gauss whos the physics guy and the like blur guy. To solve the guys problems we built this. and the last line is how much pizza u have left.

What it does

It runs hardware code in the browser, so if you don't have hardware, you can still work on things.

How we built it

We built it using bricks. It's really hard make brick houses in the modern day, but the main purpose of a brick house is its uniqueness, considering the majority of houses are now built using plastic or milk instead. But brick houses are still better than the others because of the symbolic meaning behind the bricks, the consistency in the brick, and the color. In Shakespeares play, Othello, he dies because Iago was mad. But if he had a brick house instead of a plastic house, Iago wouldn't have been able to find the handkerchief which would ultimately lead to his death. Bricks symbolize peace. While other houses give in to the power of earthquakes or natural disasters, bricks never lose. In many wartime pictures, bricks are shown as the broken houses. However, the only reason that it appears this way is because the other houses have been blown apart, and the bricks are making their last stand. A brick is a symbol of peace and happiness and should never be changed.

We first tested for compiling errors using Jdoodle [], to confirm that the code did not contain any syntax errors. If there were no errors, we performed lexical analysis to tokenize the code which we then scraped the description, parameters, and syntax from the Arudino reference to compare against. This allowed us to figure out what what the code did by matching the syntax and using the keywords and parameters to create a description of the processes that would occur by running the code. We then used the three.js library to retrieve an equivalent expression in JS to manipulated an object that would represent what would happen if the code were run with hardware.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't have experience with analyzing code syntax or 3D web rendering.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bricks, and it worked.

What we learned

Caffeine is really powerful and amazing unless you have too much of it.

What's next for sketch.c

Incorporate a Named Entity Recognizer to dynamically add more documentation and other hardware besides the Arduino onto it. This could be built using and the mozilla firefox javascript database to classify each word into instructions then into Javascript. We could also use a Generative Adversarial Network to generate images off of the sample images between matched against the text. Since the majority of hardware just has rotate or whatever it wouldn't be too different and after some more hardware ppl make good documentation itll or like make a better name

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