With ‘Sketch a Track’ users can easily plan their next hiking tour or bike ride. Common route planning apps are not practically useful to plan a hiking tour (e.g. in the mountains).

Users can draw a track on a map (S Pen recommended) or import GPX tracks from all over the world with 'Sketch a Track'. The track is analyzed by the app, the distance and an elevation chart is displayed.

With the new Gear app 'Sketch a Track for Gear' users can now also look up these tracks on the map including distance and elevation data at a glance on their wrist. In combination with the users location which is also displayed on the map and the elevation chart, 'Sketch a Track for Gear' is a useful tool for every outdoor fan.

Because no foreground app is required to run on the phone users can still make calls or write messages while 'Sketch a Track for Gear' is active on the watch.

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