We were inspired by nostalgia for the etch-a-sketches of our childhood and the sense of wonder they instilled in us. We wanted to re-make that experience for the digital age of 3d printing. Our goal was to combine the added functionality and creativity of a 3d doodler pen with the precision of a computer-controlled 3d printer. We achieved this by allowing our users to use button presses to control a series of servos (linked and controlled through a Arduino board) to manipulate the 3d doodler. Users can control the doodler according to their imagination, easily able to take advantage of techniques like spaghetti stranding that are very difficult to program a computer to utilize. However, our 3d doodler was too heavy for our robotic arm (made of popsicle sticks and duct tape) to support. All the servos required to control the arm and extrude filament from the 3d doodler remain operational so that our project may serve as a proof of concept.

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