The Sked is a scheduler android application that could be used to schedule meetings, events or meetups for a group of people. It helps a group of people to decide a particular day and time that is common to maximum people in the group. This helps in collaborating in groups with respect to scheduling.

The application takes input as a set of time slots for specific days (up to 3) from users. These specific days are mentioned by the creator of the group. Then the application asks each user to provide up to five suitable time slot for each day. Then the application evaluates and suggests the most common time when all or maximum peer/members are available on a particular day.

Thus, the application helps to suggest a common day possible for maximum peers, members or friends to meet up for an event. The app provides notifications (in notification bar with sound and vibrations) to the user when an event he/she enrolled in is scheduled. The app also helps the user to view the event location/venue in Google Maps inside the application itself.

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