I got the inspiration from skateboarding and thinking about my cat. I thought it would be cool to combine the two in an NFT collection and go from there.

What it does

You can mint generative Skater Cat NFTs onto the Polygon blockchain from the application, and the NFTs are used as a gating mechanism to see certain routes. Part of the idea for the dApp was to merge web2 marketing with web3 by way of NFTs.

How we built it

I drew lots of layers for the Skater Cats and used AutoMinter to generate the Solidity contracts on the back end. I then tapped into these contracts on the front end using React.js, Material UI, Ethers.js to create a gated route to see special marketing products.

Challenges we ran into

Creating some of the components for the Amazon iframe objects with React.js, also coding some of the state management features in Typescript.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coding the app in Typescript (which is a first), and also working towards getting the app to be fully responsive. Also proud of the Skater Cat art- those creatures rip so hard for all of us!

What we learned

A lot about Typescript, and how it can be combined with back end state management, React-Redux, in the functional component style. I also learned a lot about how generative NFT artwork is created and also interacting with layer 2 EVM compatible protocol, Polygon.

What's next for Skater Cats

The Skater Cats are going to continue spreading the word about having fun and staying true to what you love. They hope to bring home the championship but they also enjoy the ride. They are very growth mindset in their appeal and they hope you will consider purchasing one of their NFTs.

Built With

  • ethers.js
  • ipfs
  • material-ui
  • polygon
  • react.js
  • solidity
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