Watching real word skate boards

How it works

To trigger travelling, the vertical distance between the legs above a threshold is tracked (one foot above another while you push the skateboard). Ex: Left footed people use their right foot to push the board. In this case, we check if right foot is above certain threshold of the left foot to trigger movement.

For direction, the change in horizontal movement of the HMD is tracked. This mimics the bobbing of head/body to make a turn on skateboard.

To travel faster (incremental), the user must press A and B buttons together of the Right Wii Remote.

Releasing one of the buttons will get the user back to original speed.

Intuitively, to stop the skateboard, the user has to bring down his/her foot to the same level as the other

Challenges I ran into

Mapping my head movements to get the angle of turn

What's next for SkateBoard-Travel-Technique

Using this in an interactive 3D game

Built With

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