Every single summer, the San Jose Public Library distributes food among kids who are not able to receive food during the summer due to economical challenges they may face. However, the process of ordering and managing the food was tedious and inefficient because it required a plethora of paperwork. We want to reinvent the way that the meal system works for the San Jose Public Library by reducing the use of paper and making the process more streamlined.

What it does

We have crafted an elegant solution to a common problem faced by the library. Our goal is to allow for an easy, seamless way to organize data and analyze trends, enabling a better way to track meals and save money.

How we built it

We created an Android application which stays synced to a realtime Firebase database. This will manage and store all data regarding the management of food and simplify the process.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges syncing the app with Firebase and doing authentication. One thing we also struggled with was displaying the data in a user friendly interface which reduces paperwork.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to implement a signature system on the phone because that was very technically challenging.

What we learned

We learned about databases and that showing something is better than nothing.

What's next for SJPL Meal Count

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posted an update

4 AM - After hours of trying to figure out why the meal button option wasn't working, we finally realized the problem was where we least expected it: in a totally unrelated activity (aspect) of the app. However, once we fixed this problem, the rest of our app stopped working, so we once again had to troubleshoot. Now we are looking to create our own website where we can store the data from Firebase as a JSON file, and then convert it into Excel making it easier to comprehend for the client.

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posted an update

8 PM - We have successfully integrated Firebase into our app, and are currently working on getting the authentication done. We are also looking into using a fingerprint and being able to sign on the phone. The fingerprint would eliminate the need to repeatedly sign over and over again.

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posted an update

4 PM - We have updated our "food items" button such that the user can add meals they are serving. In the list format, we can increment the number of meals served by simply tapping the respective meal's name. We have also researched the code required to integrate Firebase into our app, and are going to implement it soon. Additionally, one of our teammates spilled half a can of 7-up on my phone, so I'm going to go dry it out :(

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posted an update

It is around 2PM on Saturday, September 24th, the first day of SVCC Opportunity Hack. So far, we have finished the initial prompt screen displaying the six main library locations along with the second screen in which the user can enter the meal names that will be served on the specific day. Now we're looking into a "log temperature" button and finishing up the data entry.

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