The genius behind Summer Jam is Richard. He came up with the idea of a series of online hackathons throughout the summer and recruited an internal team to help him get it off the ground.

We all went to summer camp as kids, and Richard encouraged us to use that theme on the landing page and overall branding. Holly came up with the fabulous logo and color scheme, while Neal knocked out a basic landing page and steered the team towards the Jam / Jamboree language.

Once we had a basic page, Holly went back and rewrote all of Neal's hacky CSS and created high-res assets mobile.

Keeping it lean

We chose to keep the stack light, relying on only Pure, retina.js, and google fonts. No jQuery here.

We also used deep-link.js to add a mobile-only What'sApp sharing link. Neal's pretty proud of that bit.

Accomplishments we're proud of

As a small, but growing team, we have some conflicting priorities. We want to move quickly. Want to be methodical. We want to be flawless. We want to cut through red tape. And we want to get it done.

We designed, wrote, and implemented the site without almost any engineering help. We hosted it on GitHub pages and setup a CNAME to map it to the subdomain.

This setup has allowed the Summer Jam team to make edits without leaching resources from engineering or slowing down our product development process. New copy? Neal can push it. New sponsor logos? Holly will create a new branch and merge it. We need to add Eventbrite links? No problem!

What's next for Summer Jam?

About half of the Summer Jam hackathons are live right now, with four more on deck (Maps as Art, Internet of Things, Your First API, and The Bionic Hacker). We're also hosting happy hours at WeWork Labs in New York (6/30) and San Francisco (7/9) in the next couple weeks.

We really hope you'll join us and jam all summer!

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