The idea for sizeOf came about when Davis saw how much data his DSLR camera gave for his pictures. Using some simple trig we are able to deduce the size of real life object using nothing but the data from the camera and computation.

How it works

With only a picture and some information about the camera and lens, we are able to calculate the approximate real height and width of an object in focus. Simply point the camera at an object, tap to focus, and drag a crop box around the object of interest to get the real size of that object, in meters.

The math is derived from lens formulae and some simple trigonometry.

Challenges I ran into

Every camera is different, and almost every variable is non-linear. This makes creating solutions difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to get sub-centimeter accuracy in the .1m to .5m focal range, and +/- 10cm accuracy at medium to long ranges. On an SLR, +/- 1cm accuracy was possible on .5m to 3m range.

What I learned

Adam tried Android development for the first time, and was very successful.

What's next for sizeOf

We're looking to create calibration curves for more cameras and eventually package the software into an easy to use open-source API for others to implement.

Prizes We're Seeking:

-Best Design -Best mobile hack -EMC Innovation Award -Coolest Hack W/ Least Storage -Best Android hack

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