When you rent a car or take a cab, you can't commit to a clear schedule. There is always the uncertainty of when one will actually arrive. Especially for important business meetings, appointments or other events, this time uncertainty means stress for the rider.

What it does

SixtSeconds offers its riders a so called In-Time insurance. With every booking, the user has the option to book an In-Time Insurance so that he will never arrive too late at his destination again. This insurance can only be made possible by Sixt's new autonomous cars. These cars are

  • Not vulnerable to human error
  • Capable of navigating to hotspots before users confirm an order
  • Scalable on demand and a high number of bookings

How we built it

We used Next.js for the project. The frontend is built on React + Typescript. The site is deployed using Netlify.

Challenges we ran into

Coordination over video calls is not easy. In person coding with your team mates makes things easier

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sixt Seconds is a nice MVP that was only developed in a very short time.

What we learned

Deploying a ssr app with Netlify will cause some errors. It's not as straight forward as one would expect.

What's next for SixtSeconds

It's finally time to get some sleep

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