The app allows people to charge sixt share cars and earn money by doing so. The user opens the app and selects that they are willing to accept tasks. The app will display a task, which the user can then look at and decide if they want to accept or reject it.

Once a user has accepted a task, the app will route the user to the car's location. The app shows directions, supports voice navigation and shows the route on a map. The user will then unlock the car via the app and drive it to the nearest charging station.

If there is a car that does not have enough charge to reach the nearest charging station, the app will send the user to a car that has enough charge and supports vehicle-to-vehicle charging. The user will then be routed to the car low on charge, which will be charged just enough so it can reach a charger.


We implemented our prototype in a distributed system, using SwiftUI for the app and using the coaty framework for connectivity between peers. This has the advantage of not having a single point of failure.

Built With

  • coaty
  • mqtt
  • swiftui
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