• People are often busy doing their tasks and can only look up the way to attend to the next event. An unexpected traffic condition would make it even more stressful for people who try not to be late. It would be great if there is some sort of assistance to plan for their commutes in advance.
  • Car sharing cars are almost always empty. We would like to use the resource more efficiently and safe to reduce the ecological footprint when traveling from A to B.

What it does

  • Match riders with drivers.
  • Plan trips ahead based on everyone's calendar schedule
  • Safe money, stress, and the environment

How I built it

Python backend using flask, providing the calendars and computing the routes. React for the frontend.

Challenges I ran into

Make it working in time. UI Design and decisions on which functionalities to implement.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made it working in time

What I learned

Azure flask app integration is no fun at 4:30 in the morning

What's next for Sixt Mixed

Go to production and use this awesome feature in real life

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