Problem: AB inbev has no insights into what a bar owner is thinking when they make their inventory orders. AB has a B2B app called TapWeiser to help bar owners by making placing orders faster and easier. ABI professionals estimate that less than 1 in 5 accounts use Tapweiser, as majority of owners rely on Sales reps to provide data metrics, make suggestions for how to stock their bar, and ultimately place their orders for the upcoming week.

It is estimated that Sales Reps visit 50 sites each week directly servicing bars, and on average maintain 80 accounts.

solution: Our app takes into account Data that ABInbev has, but doesn’t currently use to its competitive advantage. Encourages bars to purchase and sell products that they wouldnt normally sell. Accounts for weather, upcoming events, and trending beers based on ratings from untappd. This will assist in providing a just-in-time inventory for the retailer, provide performance based insight on sales, and suggest new products based on local and regional preferences.

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