The problem the Situation:Mapper solves

Under the New Normal, companies have to adjust everyday routines to cope with dynamic situations. How can managers keep an overview? Management and controlling are a challenging task:

  • Employees work from home and have different resource needs.
  • Managers have to ensure that critical positions / roles in the company are functional.
  • New office regulations require a different use of office space due to social distancing and other precautions.
  • Data on employees, resources and materials is manually collected, information flows are slow and error prone.

Managers ask themselves:

  • Are my employees still able to work?
  • Who can only work from home?
  • Which tasks can not be accomplished?
  • Do I have enough resources to keep up work routines?

The solution Situation:Mapper brings to the table

Situation:Mapper provides a reliable and up-to-date situation picture on employee status, health, equipment and resource needs.

Situation:Mapper collects relevant employee data based on their work status and infrastructue needs and provides an overview for managers of organizations. The data provides the basis for evidence-based decisions. Employees enter data themselves. Data is aggregated, anonymized and presented on dashboards to provide a reliable and up-to-date situation picture.

For managers: the Situation:Mapper helps save time by automatically providing an overview on health and work status, infrastructure and technical needs and available skills and roles. This enables managers to put time into qualitative decision making and informed resource management while enhancing the wellbeing of their employees.

For Employees: can report their work status and further needs directly via the Situation:Mapper mobile app. Also they can check if working in the office site is possible.

For facility managers: the Situation:Mapper gives an overview of the office space situation: who is working where when?

For all: getting closer during social distancing with a simple tool.

  • Assisting management decisions by providing information on dynamic situations.
  • Transparent situation on employee status, health, equipment and resource needs.
  • Increased response-time due to real-time data.
  • Improved data quality due to self-declaration and automated validation mechanisms.

Technical: Situation:Mapper is an oracle web-application, responsive for smart phones. The software already exists and can be adjusted and implemented for organizations in 24h. Organizational data is imported once and enriched by self-declared employee status.

Situation:Mapper is built for

  • Organizations of different sectors with 100+ employees, where dynamic situations create logistical problems.
  • Decision makers, that need to ensure business continuity and the functionality of critical positions
  • Public sector agencies that are part of critical infrastructure.

Most important: the attributes allocated by the app can and need to be adjusted to the special needs of the organization / users, e.g. reporting on status of equipment, health status, infrastructure etc.

What you have we done during the weekend

We have built business cases and a business model regarding business continuity during COVID-19 for different organizations. We based our development on the expertise from contacts from the German Public Sector and a business from the producing industry.

We could use software which was developed by our employer (Sopra Steria) for another purpose (organizational consulting and research on personnel skills, developed for the German Public Sector). We remodelled this software to suit the needs companies have during the COVID-19 pandemic regarding managing their employees as soon they can get back to the offices (under security regulations).

We produced a prototype.

We have also considered IT security, anonymization, validation and approval mechanisms. The secure implementation under GDPR, the special sensitivity and legal requirements of personal data are familiar foundations to our work and are already implemented in the existing software.

The solution’s impact to the crisis

Businesses can keep up their business continuity by reacting to dynamic situations regarding employee and infrastructure factors quickly. Managers and teamleads are able to make informed decisions swiftly. The wellbeing of employees is ensured.

The necessities in order to continue the project

We need users!

We are looking for contacts in organizations who want to try the Situation:Mapper. Organizations that need to keep an overview of their employees and infrastructure. As mentioned above, the Situation:Mapper can be adjusted to an organizations need and attributes can be adjusted.

We are looking for contacts from different organizations.

  • Public sector departments all over Europe
  • Hospitals and rehabilitation centers
  • Private sector companies with more than 100 employees
  • ...and more

Contact us and try it out - we can adjust the Situation:Mapper to your organization needs in 24 hours!

The value of your solution after the crisis

After the crisis organizations can still keep track on their employees and infrastructure. The Situation:Mapper's powerful and easy-to-use self-declaration system will continue to provide companies the information they need in many contexts.

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posted an update

My colleagues and I have just developed a brief Kickoff Workshop: If you are interested if the Situation:Mapper we can build a business model suited to your needs and a quick prototype within a short 45-min digital meeting.

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