As we are attending lectures and events online, we're all experienced physical discomfort from sitting in uncomfortable positions for a long time. That's why we decided on creating a page we could use to help us with this issue.

What it does

Using your webcam, this page will track your sitting position and send an alert if you slip too far.

How I built it

We used Teachable Machine to train a model to recognize when a posture is good and when a posture is bad. We then used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to display this feature on a web page.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge we ran into was accuracy. With more images, the model would be more accurate in detecting the status of the user's posture. Another challenge we ran into was time limit; there were a lot of cool technologies and features we wanted to try to implement, but we didn't have enough time to get them to work in time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're really proud that our web page functions and that we were able to make use of the Teachable Machine.

What I learned

I learned a lot about TensorFlow, as well as working within a team and time management.

What's next for Sitting Pretty

We're looking to be able to connect this with a domain name and eventually be able to host it on a server!

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