Annoying alarms that either wake you up too early, or not early enough.

What it does

Sitra Smart Alarm tracks your daily activities and translates them into a measure of total need for recovery. The user-specific rate of recovery while sleeping was based on a data provided by Sitra assuming a regular day with a full sleeping recovery. After the app has determined that you have fully recovered, it wakes the user to avoid oversleeping and wasted time.

How we built it

Ideated in MATLAB in all of its signal processing glory then attempted to convert to Java to be used with Android Studio to some effect. The algorithm was trained with Sitra but designed to leave opportunities for implementation with the Suunto Movesense sensor and HR strap.

Challenges we ran into

Android studio. Setting up the app environment and connecting to the Movesense sensor. Trying to work with two challenges at the same time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accurately detecting sleep/wake intervals. Learning Java to build this in the first place.

What we learned

Began working with the Java language.

What's next for Sitra Smart Alarm

Implement features to learn from, and adapt to, user data. Build the app.

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