This is sport activity tracker that can be set up in corporate environment to monitor health of company employees and help them in getting healthier and fitter ! You can also monitor and observer how regular training can positively affect your resting blood pressure lever lowering it down by even 20 mm.

Enough talking for now, just get the app, start training, stay fit and earn points for your activities ! Once you're in the app just start by setting up your profile, so that trainer will be able to adjust your daily challenges and send you personalized training messages.

You tap on selected activity icon when you start training. Then distance, time and gps locations are reported on the server. You may also report heart parameters and finally you may be awarded Walgreen points for all of your activities.

As corporate administrator you have access to all of employees data from within admin webpanel. You can see their activities calendar and advise them based on this past training data. You can also assign employees to different departments in the company and then make teams compete in getting the most Walgreens points. Additionally it can be connected with company reward program.

In our system you can also observe how excercising effort which is reflected by Wallgreen points translates to resting blood pressure changes in the long term. We want to prove that regular training can lower it !

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