As a customer on the site I want to see that the page has loaded in as short a time as possible so that I can know that what kind of information will show up and the general layout of the page.

What it does

Our Project increases the speed at which the pdp loads and also decreases the amount of time before the user sees something appear on the page

How we built it

Using technology such as shimmer, lazy load component, and client side render component we removed unnecessary js from the server side load and also increase the speed at which the site loaded/appeared

Checkout the git branch jakes_pdp_team_for_engineering_day to see our work

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how much we could remove without impacting other parts of the pdp

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got shimmer to work and look good on the page. We also removed a few KB of js from the initial js bundle

What we learned

There is definitely room for improvement on this front and a possible use of grey blocks in our mockups shows that there is potential in the future to try out the "preview" state for the initial loading of the page

What's next for Site Performance Challenge Day Group

We're going to keep thinking about performance in our daily lives as engineers at wayfair and making sure that we try and make the site and the PDP as efficient as possible

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