With the spread of COVID-19, remote work has become the norm for companies. More and more companies are considering and transitioning to a hybrid workspace in order to save money

What it does

SitDown is a mobile app designed to make employees feel more safe about returning to work. The app allows users to enter their symptoms according to Health Canada’s COVID-19 screening form. If the user passes the test, they would then have access to SitDown’s interactive table/room booking system. After specifying an available space, the users are then prompted for information on the length of time of their booking. After pressing the submit button, all the details of the reservation are confirmed by sending an SMS with the Vonage API to the phone number user’s have on file.

How we built it

We used Flutter and Dart for front end, and Firebase for back end to create this mobile app.

Challenges we ran into

Our team had a lot of trouble with Git version control. Specifically, managing our own separate branches and merging with master resulted in a huge number of merge conflicts. With the help of the mentors, we were able to resolve the conflicts successfully! Additionally, most of the members of our team didn’t have prior experience with mobile development. It was a challenge to get everything set up and installed properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was the first time for all our team members to use Flutter, Dart and Firebase so there was a steep learning curve. However, it was a rewarding experience and each member of our team was able to get experience with design, front, and back end.

What's next for SitDown

Going forward we’d love to incorporate more features. One of these features would be a profile and dashboard page. We’d also like to incorporate SitDown with Alexa & Google Assistant for a more enhanced user experience. As well, we’d like to expand the use cases of SitDown to help users not only book within workspaces but also restaurants and libraries.

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