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Sitting for more than three hours a day can take years off our lives - literally, by about a couple of years. However, in the face of an impending midterm or that stubborn project, this means nothing. We simply get carried away and forget the time. Well, NO MORE. You tell us the maximum time you want to spend sitting, and our sit alarm will let you know when you've been sitting down too long.


Our Experience

First, we are all freshmen. Our team is composed of three computer science majors and one applied math major. As a result, you can probably already tell we have no web development experience between the four of us. Luckily, we didn't start completely from scratch, since three of us attended HackSchool. Still, we only learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript two weeks ago, which is very close to scratch. Anyways, we are all very proud of the final product, which took eight hours to make despite looking simple. Less is more, right?

Running the website

The main file is index.html.

How to Use

The default timer is set to 1 hour. You can change the countdown timer by entering a different amount of time (in minutes!) into the text field below the question "How long are you allowed to sit?". Then, press the reset button, and voila, the timer will reset. You can also reset the timer without entering anything into the text field. In that case, the timer will count down again from the time it was previously set to. For example, if the timer was originally set to 1 hour and you press the reset button without entering in a different time, the timer will count down again from 1 hour.

The Alarm Goes Off

When the timer counts down to 0, time's up! The alarm will sound, and you'll see a surprise in the form of a special message and, of course, the obligatory meme.

Reset the Alarm

It's as easy as clicking the reset button.


Thanks to Hirday Gupta, who helped Bryant figure out the audio for the alarm and Amy figure out how to make the meme appear when the alarm went off.


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