Who we are

We are Heuristic Edicts, a student team who came together through Jamchester's Slack board, our team consists of:

Michael Hetherington - Environment artist from The University of Gloucestershire

Michael Hindley - Character Artist from The Univerity of Bolton

Bradley Redfern - Programmer from Sheffield Hallam University

Sean Stevens - Programmer from Sheffield Hallam University

What it is

Take control of Syphos! A lone Droid stranded on an vast open planet. After discovering new life you must keep it hydrated before extraction arrives without wandering too far from your base.

you have 7 days to collect water and scrap and return to base before your battery drains each day Maintain your water level and keep an eye on your battery each day while using scrap resources to upgrade at night.


When we heard the theme our first thoughts were the Disney film Wall-E

we chose to take the concept of a cute robot managing scrap and saving an organic lifeform, and create a ambient game experience from it

How we built it

The project was created in Unity with assets made using Maya and 3dsMax

Challenges we ran into

-changed our choice of axis for game plane half way through development -Animation took a while to work in engine -game mechanics and gameplay could be iterated upon much further

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Overall aesthetic has been well received -Animations and level of polish was well implemented -Communication and development iteration went smoothly

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