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Accomplishments that we're Team Number: 12

Team Name: sisters-of-the-road-connects

Project Description: Our Project is based on the challenges presented by Sisters of the Road. We wanted to build a system that would help people find access to basic resources and facilities. Our app provides an easy to view map that displays different markers for bathrooms, showers, shelters, campsites, and facilities to charge devices. Users are able to add new resources to the map, or alert about a sweep that is happening.

Additional Features: Adding a laundry and wifi resource type Adding reviews/comments to resources Submitting requests for help Additional sweep tracking data Ability to add photos of facilities

Target Audience: This app is for all people who are homeless or living in poverty, and for all the people in the community who are willing and able to provide resources to them.

Contribution by team member: Brendan - Guru of design who masterfully made wireframes and styled the app. Michelle - Spearheaded integrating the Leaflet Map she customized with the web form. Heather - Magically united everyone's contributions into a beautifully orchestrated iOS app with push notifications. Jessica - Fearless leader who gave direction to our team and untangled our JSON wires while perfecting the list view. Katie - Scrupulously identified custom map icons and learned from Jessica's JSON and Michelle's Leaflet prowess. proud of

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