Being facinated by the MMORPGames, as well as the opportunity to create an open model economy via tokenisation of unique items inside the game.

What it does

The game developed allows players to have a Multiplayer RPG experience. As well as use unique tokenized items withing the game to: boost abilities, sell or transfer to other players within the game via blockchain.

How I built it

Fluence/Arweave, front end: View.

Challenges I ran into

Synchronising the multiplayer experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a game which can be played with a functional open model economy.

What I learned

It was our first experienced in creating any kind of enterteinment application, therefore the process of creating one from the scratch has been a valuable lesson to our team. As well as, coming to an enhanced understanding of Fluence and Arweave technology through workshops and hackathon practice in using the technologies itself.

What's next for SIRES

Being a small start-up-project based in Moscow, we are looking forward to developing more applications powered by blockchain or having decentralised properties. With our main focus being on creating ERP and document managment systems for enterprises. We look forward to taking the experience of this hackathon to shift our focus to game development.

Built With

  • fluence-arweave-view
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