A post on DevRant by a hearing impaired developer who describes the impact of technology and automation in improving quality of life for individuals with disabilities

What it does

A wristband that detects sirens in real time, and alerts the wearer of their presence. The target audience is hearing impaired individuals who drive.

How we built it

We use the Urban Sound Dataset to train a neural network to recognize the sound of sirens. The application then signals the Myo wristband which vibrates to alert the wearer. We used Python bindings for the Myo SDK.

Challenges we ran into

Improving model performance, working with corrupt data, microphone issues, training in AWS, attempting to port application to Android

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a prototype working; understanding how neural networks work as beginners to machine learning;

What we learned

Interfacing with software. AWS

What's next for Siren Detector

Move all functionality to a smart watch; extend to detect other life threatening sounds like gunshots, trucks backing up, fire alarms, etc.

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