Every year, millions of old people become victims to accidental falls. In US, unintentional fall death rates have increased from 42% to 58% between 2004 and 2013 ( A significant number of such deaths were due to delayed treatment, as the victim was immobile and unable to call for assistance. We want to do something about this.

What it does

Siren allows fall victims to send alerts to their loved ones over voice commands if they are immobile and unable to reach their phones. Upon alerting Siren, the victim's loved ones will receive a SMS notification message. Furthermore, on the Siren app, they are able to see who is nearest to the victim and able to offer the most immediate assistance.

How we built it

Django and Ngrok for backend, Swift for iOS, Twilio for SMS, Here API for map view on iOS, and Alexa for voice commands

Challenges we ran into

We are a two person team and there is a lot to accomplish in this project. Integration was quite a challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to use Alexa, Twilio and Here APIs in a day and wiring everything together to the iOS app.

What we learned

This event taught us to use our skills to solve real world problems.

What's next for Siren

As Siren is currently a PoC, there is still a lot of potential for it. We are keen to explore further into the idea and produce a much more polished product down the road.

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